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tabloid! caught up with the stars of this week’s Tagalog release, The Achy Breaky Hearts, to hear their thoughts on singledom, relationships and heartbreak.


On dealing with an achy breaky heart

Veneracion: If it doesn’t kill you, then it makes you stronger.

Sta. Maria: It’s really up to us what to do with the pain. Either we dwell on it or we use it to propel us to move forward. We can use our pain to bring forth inspiration and strength. Just because we experienced a heartbreak, it should never hinder us from loving again. I think the greatest thing is to love and be loved in return.

Yap: You just have to pick yourself up and move on and find something else or someone else.

Jadaone: Turn your heartbreak into something productive. When you are heartbroken, when you’re in pain — you can write the saddest line. You can write the best lines, the best poem, the best poetry. You can write a script or you can paint. You are in that state that you are very vulnerable. You will never be hurt like that again. So turn that into something productive rather than ruining yourself.


On women with same problem as Chinggay

Jadaone: For me, don’t settle — don’t find a boyfriend or someone to marry just because society is pressuring you to find a boyfriend or a husband. Just like what’s said in the movie, if it’s not good enough — good enough is not good enough. It should be someone right, not because you don’t have choice anymore.

Sta Maria: Don’t settle because you are being pressured by your friends or the society to get married — or you are in a hurry. We all have our set of standards for a partner. Sometimes we just don’t have the patience to wait for the right relationship, then we just tend to compromise. I believe our friends want only what’s good for us, but it’s not them who will enter into a relationship. Don’t ever compromise on your standards just because you are desperate to be in a relationship. You have to be happy with yourself first, you have to be complete first. Do not expect other people to complete you. They should only complement you.


On being single forever

Jadaone: You won’t end up dead if you don’t find someone. Being alone doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Being alone doesn’t always mean being lonely. You can find love in other places, other people — you have friends, your family. I know it’s different to have a special loved one, but it’s not the only kind of love in this world.

Yap: Well, if there is really nobody then it’s not the end of the world. In order to live a happy life, you have to make yourself happy. You cannot depend on other people to make you happy. You just have to find happiness within yourself. When you can find that, people will see it in you so maybe the right person will get attracted to you.

Sta. Maria: If nobody comes, it’s okay. You cannot lower your standards just because you are desperate to have a boyfriend. You can’t settle for less because at the end of the day, you will be the one who’s going to be short changed.

Veneracion: If nothing happens, then that’s fine, because if you can’t make yourself happy no one else can. So you have to find that happiness from yourself.