Alden Richards in Dubai on March 9, 2016. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Filipino actor and singer Alden Richards will shine a spotlight on the Philippines’ food industry and its response to the COVID-19 pandemic in new documentary ‘Lockdown: Food Diaries’. Airing in the UAE on GMA Pinoy TV on October 3, the documentary takes viewers into the lives of food workers and their tireless efforts to keep the supply chain running.

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According to a statement, ‘Lockdown: Food Diaries’ is Richards’s first project since the lockdown that involved on-location shoots. Apart from focusing on the serious aspects of the pandemic, Richards has also taste tested quarantine food trends such as burnt cheesecake and sushi bakes, and showcased how Filipino ingenuity arises amid adversity.

Alden Richards
Alden Richards in 'Lockdown: Food Diaries'.

The ‘One True Love’ actor, who was recently named the Department of Health’s Anti-COVID-19 Awareness Campaign Ambassador, is best known for his romantic roles in movies and TV shows. Being a restaurant and food chain franchise owner, Richards shared how his businesses suffered and how he had to adapt to make it work.

“We just had certain adjustments and scheduling. What is more important for us is the people rather than our income from our restaurants,” he said in a statement. “Without the hard work of our staff our business will not make any profit.”

In doing ‘Lockdown: Food Diaries’, Richards said he was inspired by people who kept pushing forward amid the pandemic. “We salute you for inspiring us not to give up,” Richards added. “We Filipinos will do everything to survive, to support our loved ones.”