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Rockin'1000 will perform a mega concert for Global Village opening Image Credit: Supplied

Do you have what it takes to join a rock band? If there’s a budding musician hidden away inside then here’s your chance to claim your fame by signing up for ‘the world’s largest rock band’, according to organisers.

Those who make the cut will join Rockin’1000, a global band that formed in 2015, and will perform on opening night of Global Village’s Silver Jubilee season on October 25.

Confirmed to play at the opening event, the rock band has agreed to sign up hundreds of budding stars from the UAE for this concert. Rockin’1000’s Global Gig will feature 2,500 artists in total, all from different corners of the world to celebrate the community and cultural inclusion.

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Global Village Main Stage will stream the virtual concert Image Credit: Supplied

The virtual concert will be live-streamed from the Main Stage, but people the world over can enjoy the concert online too.

“Global Village is all about bringing people and cultures together. So for our 25th season we wanted to find a way to bring as many people as possible from around the world to celebrate with us here in Dubai,” said Jaki Ellenby, Executive Director of Marketing and Events, Global Village, in a statement, adding: “…We want to promote the spirit of togetherness through music – a community event transcending social differences, geographical borders, generation gaps, and other discriminations between peoples.”

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Rockin'1000 founder and General Manager, Fabio Zaffagnini Image Credit: Supplied

Rockin’1000 was created by Fabio Zaffagnini five years ago when he brought together 1,000 musicians to play in Cesena to convince the Foo Fighters to add his city to their tour plan. What started as a stunt, would become a world-wide phenomenon and that Rockin’1000 would soon play some of the biggest stadiums in the world, including France, Italy and Germany.

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Zaffagnini said: “Like Global Village, Rockin’1000 is full of extraordinary, passionate people spanning generations and cultures. From newbies to professionals, from kids to grandparents, from metalheads to jazzmen, Rockin’1000 welcomes everybody… We are calling for artists of all levels to join us on this wonderful journey.”

Budding artists and hopefuls can sign up on the Rockin1000 website.