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With the debut of its unit XUM just around the corner, K-Pop group NeonPunch has decided to disband three years after their launch.

The all-female act’s agency A100 Entertainment announced the news on the group’s social media channels on August 11.

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“In fact, our A100 and NeonPunch members made a comeback in May 2019 and worked hard to prepare, but their debut dates were continuously postponed due to the worsening financial situation of the company and the suspension of the activities of the two members,” it said in an online statement.

Due to the aftermath of COVID-19 and various other circumstances, it was decided that the quintet would officially disband, said A100 Entertainment.

Members Dohee and May will stop activities. A100 Entertainment revealed that Dohee will not resume activities due to personal reasons while the latter is taking a break to focus on her studies.


As for the members Dayeon, Baekah and Iaan, they will be promoting in XUM, which stands for ‘Xumething Unlimited Move’, meaning ‘infinite movement’.

The trio are slated to debut on August 25 with single ‘Ddalala’ and will be showing “a more intense performance” that’s unlike NeonPunch.

“Thank you to the NeonPunch members who have been with us for the past three years, and please give them a lot of support for their future activities,” the agency said.

NeonPunch made their debut on June 2018. Their last comeback was in January 2019 with EP ‘Watch Out’.