MYTEEN - Clockwise – from L - Han Seul, Eun Su, Shin Jun Seop, Lee Tae Vin, Kim Kook Heon, Song Yu Vin, and Chun Jin-1566653939175
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Boy group MYTEEN announced disbandment after only two years promoting together.

On August 21, leader, rapper and member Eun Su confirmed the news with a heartfelt post on his personal Instagram.

He shared that he’d been thinking after several days of sleepless nights on how to touch on the shocking news and said he was able to pull through the difficult time of having a long break with the encouragement and support of fans.

The former MYTEEN member added that he feels remorseful for not being able to see his fans since their final schedule in January and apologises for not keeping his promise to meet them through more activities.

He went on to thank the staff and members for the great time together and promises to show support no matter the path his bandmates decide to choose. Eun Su concluded that it’s just the beginning and not the end.

Music Works released a statement announcing the group’s disbandment and thanked fans for the love and support they showed towards MYTEEN.

MYTEEN debuted with seven members under The Music Works in July 2017. Last December, Lee Tae Vin left the group to focus on acting. The group released two EPs, ‘MYTEEN Go!’ and ‘F;UZZLE’.

The remaining members will focus on their own careers. So far, formers members and ‘Produce X 101’ contestants Song Yu Vin and Kim Kook Heon debuted as a duo with their first digital single album ‘Blurry’ on Sunday.