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Big Hit Entertainment will be launching a BTS-themed drama in the second half of 2020.

During a corporate briefing on the firm’s philosophy and vision held in Seoul last Wednesday, the label’s founder and CEO Bang Si-hyuk announced plans on developing a drama based on the ‘BTS Universe’, which is a fictional universe created through the group's music videos, album notes, webtoons, songs and short films, with one of Korea’s biggest drama production companies, Chorokbaem Media.

The upcoming coming-of-age drama will focus on how the BTS first met and their growth story in the 'BTS Universe' with professional actors playing younger versions of the septet. "

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With 200 guests from affiliates, media and partner companies in attendance, Bang disclosed the company’s recent advances, merger deals, performance and future vision that also includes innovating the music industry and improving fans’ experiences.

Following the success of the newly-launched mobile game ‘BTS World’ and as part of the company’s business expansion strategy, Bang revealed that his label is in the process of launching a second BTS mobile game app in partnership with South Korea’s leading games maker, Netmarble.

Bang also shared that the label reached record revenues of 200.1 billion KRW (Dh605 million) and operating profits of 39.1 billion KRW in the first half of 2019, an achievement that rivals last year’s record.

Adding to his discussion, he revealed that with Big Hit’s recent merger and partnership with Source Music - home to popular girl group GFriend - there are plans to launch a global audition in search for the next girl group with the support of Big Hit’s new creative brand officer and former SM Entertainment creative director Min Hee-jin.

With K-Pop changemakers BTS and rising rookie group TXT signed under the agency, Big Hit Entertainment is undoubtedly proving to be a game changer in the industry.

The BTS members are on their very well-deserved holiday and will be flying out to Saudi Arabia for their debut performance at the King Fahd International stadium in October.