BTS members Jimin, Jin, J-Hope, RM, Jungkook, Suga and V. Image Credit: Supplied

BTS has been one of the most innovative acts in the always-in-flux world of K-Pop. After putting fans on a rollercoaster of emotions with their big screen debut announcement, the chart-topping Korean sensation didn’t hold back from their fiercely devoted fanbase in their first full-length film Burn The Stage: The Movie.

The septet revealed the full story of their ascent to global fame with exclusive tour footage and one-on-one interviews with each member — rappers RM, Suga and J-Hope, along with vocalists V, Jimin, Jin and Jungkook. From the intricate production, jaw-dropping choreographies to rehearsals and backstage glimpses, the film captures the immersive experience of the K-Pop band’s 300-day journey of their sold-out world tour in 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour, with a narrator in the background.

The film opens with footage of BTS-designed characters BT21, one for each member, and an advertisement of the group’s official light stick, Army Bombs. Seconds later, fans are soon heard chanting ‘BTS’ and tirelessly waving the septet’s customised fandom light sticks while members perform on stage.

In the tightly-controlled entertainment industry, well-groomed K-Pop artists are portrayed as perfect and far-removed from ordinary life. However, BTS openly capture the hardships and mundane side of stardom, as well as insecurities they have faced along the way. With all their success, they share that they are still growing as artists and working hard to improve during individual commentaries.

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The group was viewed as underdogs, even removed from broadcast during their early debut days. However, under the guidance of Big Hit Entertainment’s CEO and founder Bang Si-hyuk, who makes an appearance in the film, they’ve successfully reached the upper echelons of the notoriously difficult western mainstream music market through their active social media presence, engaging creative output and, particularly, socially conscious and relatable music, which has been flagged by devoted fans, Armys, in the film.

The record-breaking boy band also acknowledge their meteoric rise has been achieved with the help of their Armys around the world. BTS has always dedicated themselves to maintaining a long-term symbiotic relationship, never forgetting to thank fans and who they are, despite their historic Billboards award win and unprecedented success throughout their journey and Wings world tour.

The septet is known for their work ethic and putting on the best show for their legion of fans. The youngest member Jungkook is seen passed out backstage from exhaustion after a performance on stage in Chile but strives to give it his all regardless of his physical state. Cans of oxygen and ice packs make frequent appearances in the documentary.

Along with their likeable and charming personalities, they have a special bond with each other and it is one of the many reasons they’ve come this far. Leader and rapper RM injureds his leg but appears more concerned for Jimin on whether he hurt his ankle. V comforts an upset Jimin because his voice cracks during rehearsals. As RM says: “To that end, I think we’re all bound together by fate.”

Regardless of injuries and hardships, the members are also seen playing around, making music in hotel rooms and just being normal boys.

Moviegoers will now clearly understand the immense pressure the septet are facing. The documentary is a celebration of their achievements in their five-year career, propelled by the worldwide fans. They’re most than just a K-Pop band. They’re family.

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Burn The Stage: The Movie is out now in the UAE. The film is in Korean with English subtitles.