Mallika Sherawat slaps Ranvir Shorey 99 times during Ugly Aur Pagli, a movie that promises to be this summer's most hilarious.

Pritish Nandy Communications came up with a cracker of a film when they paired Mallika Sherawat and Rahul Bose in Pyaar Ke Side Effects.

The film was appreciated by urban audiences and encouraged PNC to try out the 'unlikely pair' formula once again. Their latest quirky comedy, Ugly Aur Pagli, is in the same vein as Pyaar Ke Side Effects, and stars Ranvir Shorey and Mallika Sherawat.

Ninety nine slaps, just one kiss

Sherawat's films are usually associated with skin-displays and onscreen kisses. But Ugly Aur Pagli is being promoted as a romantic tale with 99 slaps and one kiss. Just one kiss? This is a far cry from Sherawat's Khwaish, in which she locked lips with her co-star 22 times.

Here too, there is physical tension. But it's of a different kind, of course. And the slaps aren't shared. It's just Shorey bearing the physical abuse. And the man who had a task not nearly as painful as Shorey's was Sachin Kamlakar Khot. The director had to come up with 99 ways for the actor to get slapped.

The promos of the film showcased some of these slaps. And they will most definitely bring a smile to your face. "When I try to recollect making this film, I suddenly go blank. All I recall are the incredible moments which have gone in to chasing my dream, which is called Ugly Aur Pagli. I am so satisfied when I see the chemistry between Ranvir and Mallika unfold before me," says Khot.

The haughty actress

Sherawat, more known for her controversial remarks and provocative roles, proved her acting skills in Pyaar Ke Side Effects. And now she is all set to silence her detractors for a little while longer. In this film, she plays the obnoxious and kinky Kuhu, who loves to make her boyfriend Kabir (Shorey) dance to her tunes.

Sherawat's overall personality complements the character of Kuhu, who is witty and strong-headed. Kuhu goes through a personal crisis and feels the only way she will be able to overcome it is by making her loser of a boyfriend go through a similar ordeal. And this plan leads to plenty of awkward, humorous situations.

The funny man

Shorey has established himself as one of the best comic actors. And as far as quirky comedy goes, he is an ace. His films Khosla Ka Ghosla, Pyaar Ke Side Effects, Bheja Fry and Mithiya have all been successful. This time, he gets into the groove playing the part of Kabir, the loser boyfriend.

So, did Shorey have to dance to Sherawat's tunes during the making of the film as well? "Mallika is a professional actress and a warm co-star. All these stories of her throwing tantrums on the sets are untrue. We also worked together on Pyaar Ke Side Effects and I thought she was sweet. I have built a very good rapport with her," answers Shorey.

He is surely going to bring the house down as Kabir, who, during the course of the film, dances in circles, runs semi-naked, rides a seatless bicycle and wears high-heel shoes. But even though Kuhu puts him through all this, he just can't stop drooling over his hot girlfriend.

Undoubtedly, Shorey and Sherawat share a sizzling onscreen chemistry in the film and together, they will be simply irresistible! And if you're wondering who Ugly is, well... it's not Sherawat.