K-drama round up
K-drama round up Image Credit: Instagram

Kim Woo-bin to star in an action-comedy

The Heirs’ Kim Woo-bin and Reply 1988’s Kim Sung-kyun are all set to star in an action-comedy film. Jason Kim’s ‘Officer Black Belt’ will premiere on Netflix, the streaming service announced Wednesday.

The story follows a probation officer who enlists the help of a martial arts expert to fight crime, Netflix said in a press release.

A top South Korean actor, Kim Woo-bin plays the prodigy who "has an impressive total of nine dans (ranks) in Taekwondo, Kendo, and Judo".

'Officer Black Belt' delves into the exciting realm of officers who keep the community safe through their camaraderie and special crime-busting skills, Netflix added.

Netflix has yet to say when ‘Officer Black Belt’ would be available for streaming.

Actor Kim Sung-kyun, who starred in K-drama ‘Reply 1988’, will play the probation officer who recognises the exceptional talents of Kim Woo-bin’s character and suggests he take on a permanent role as a martial arts officer.

The film is directed by Jason Kim, who helmed the crime-action series ‘Bloodhounds’, which was among the Top Watched series in the UAE in the past few weeks.

Yeon Woo-jin and Jang Seung-jo in talks for new drama

South Korean actors Yeon Woo-jin of Queen for Seven Days and Jang Seung-jo of The Good Detective may join actress Kim Ha-neul in a new drama.

Based on a popular web novel, ‘Let’s Get Grabbed by the Collar’ (literal title) will follow the story of an investigative reporter (to be played by Ha-neul) who is accused of murder and must search for the truth to get out of her predicament. Reportedly, Woo-jin has been offered the role of her fellow detective, who sets out to find the truth with the lead actress.

On July 25, the South Korean entertainment website Starnews reported that Yeon Woo-jin and Jang Seung-jo will be starring as leading characters.

In response to the reports, Woo-jin’s agency Jump Entertainment said: “It is true that Yeon Woo-jin received a request to star in ‘Let’s Get Grabbed by the Collar.’ However, it is not confirmed yet, and it is one of the projects he is in talks for.”

Lee Se-young to appear in a new drama with Japanese actor

Lee Se-young of ‘A Korean Odyssey’ and ‘Weekend Playlist' may be appearing in a new drama with Japanese actor Sakaguchi Kentaro.

On July 25, JTBC Entertainment News reported the duo will star as the lead characters for the upcoming drama ‘Things that Come After Love’ (literal title).

In response to the report, her agency Prain TPC announced: “It is one of the projects she has received an offer for. Currently, her appearance has not been decided yet.”

According to the South Korean entertainment website soompi.com, ‘Things that Come After Love’ is an upcoming drama based on the best-selling joint novel by Korean writer Gong Ji Young and Japanese writer Tsuji Hitonari published in 2005. The novel depicts the love story between a Korean woman and a Japanese man.

Currently, the actress is gearing up for her upcoming drama with Bae In-hyuk ‘Park’s Contract Marriage Story’ (literal translation), set to air in the second half of 2023.