K-pop star Jinyoung enlists in the military
K-pop star Jinyoung enlists in the military Image Credit: BH entertainment

Popular South Korean singer and actor Jinyoung, a member of the boy group GOT7, began his mandatory military service today, May 8. The hashtag #WeWillWaitForJinyoung is among the top K-pop hashtags on Twitter today, with fans sending him best wishes and hoping for his safe return.

Jinyoung's enlistment is the second in the group, after the singer Jay B in February.

On May 8, GOT7’s label BH Entertainment announced in a social media post: “Actor Jin-young Park entered the house today. We ask for your support and encouragement until the day we can find our fans in a better shape.”

They also shared a photo of the singer with his cropped hair.

Like many other fans, @myjinyoungonly commented: “Come back safely and healthy, Jinyoung, we will be waiting for you …take care of yourself.”

The singer will receive the basic five-week military training at the training center after which he will fulfill his military duty as an active-duty soldier.

In a statement posted on Instagram last week, the label announced: “Actor Park Jinyoung will fulfill his duty to his country and enlist in basic military training on May 8. There will be no separate official event, and we ask for your understanding as he will be arriving in private for the safety and in consideration of the other families and their loved ones. We kindly ask that fans of Jinyoung refrain from visiting the site as this is a private occasion for many families.”

The statement was posted on Instagram last week by GOT7's label BH entertainment.
The statement was posted on Instagram last week by GOT7's label BH entertainment. Image Credit: BH entertainment

Fans requested the label to pass on their comments to the singer. Instagram user @kruprempree commented: “As Jinyoung begins his military training, we want him to know how much he means to us. His talent, kindness, and passion have touched our hearts and inspired us in so many ways. We are proud of him for dedicating himself to serving his country, and we will always stand by his side.... We will eagerly await his safe return in one and a half years, ready to embrace him, and continue supporting him in all his endeavors. Jinyoung, you are not alone. We are here for you, always. Our love for you will only grow stronger during this time.”

And, @take_abreak wrote: “Please tell him to be strong and happy. Take care of himself. Our heart will always be the strength for him. Waiting for his coming back. As always, thank you very much for your support as Jinyoung fulfills his duties in the military and returns happy and in good health.”

Recently, Jinyoung took home the Best New Actor award for his role in the movie 'Christmas Carol' and the TikTok Popularity Award at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Earlier this year, the singer made his solo debut with the mini-album Chapter 0: With. The project marked his first solo music release since the July 2021 song Dive.