K-Pop band Infinite led a Korean invasion of sorts over the weekend in Dubai. The seven-member boy band, who arrived in the city on Thursday, performed at the Dubai World Trade Centre on Friday.

The band made their debut on the K-Pop (that’s Korean pop for the uninitiated) scene in 2010 when they launched their first album First Invasion. They have since built an international following and earlier this year embarked on their first world tour with their album New Challenge.

In that time, they’ve become like brothers, they told tabloid! on Thursday ahead of their debut concert in Dubai at an event organised by Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung.

“We share secrets and can talk about anything,” the self decribed leader of the group Sungkyu says of the band, who all still live together.

As for what they use their phones for, the band has a private group chat, which they use to “encourage each other and send funny photos”, and the image conscious boys also love the camera, with its “beautifying” setting.

The concert in Dubai on Friday was however invite-only, with fans winning passes by registering on Samsung Mobile Arabia’s Facebook page or by purchasing one of the brand’s products. Infinite, who have composed tunes for the brand, has been flown around the world by the brand to promote its new music plarform called Galaxy Music.