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TikTok’s crowdsourced ‘Ratatouille’ musical has cooked up some serious talent for its one-night-only benefit concert, including roles for Tituss Burgess, Adam Lambert, Wayne Brady, Andre De Shields and Ashley Park.

‘Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical’ — fondly nicknamed the ‘Ratatousical’ — will begin streaming on Friday at 7pm ET (4am Saturday in the UAE) for 72 hours. Tickets are on sale exclusively on TodayTix.com and are $5. Proceeds will benefit The Actors Fund, which aids entertainment industry workers.

This combination of file photos shows from left to right, Tituss Burgess, Ashley Park and Adam Lambert. The entertainers are performing in TikTok’s crowdsourced “Ratatouille” musical. The one-night-only benefit concert will begin streaming on Friday, Jan. 1, 2021 at 7 p.m. ET for 72 hours. Proceeds will benefit The Actors Fund, which aids entertainment industry workers.  (AP Photo)
Tituss Burgess, Ashley Park and Adam Lambert. Image Credit: AP

It is the product of several minds — many musical theatre fans and out-of-work performers — who collaborated on original songs, lyrics and ideas to turn an animated, non-musical film into a two-act Broadway-style show.

The story for both film and musical centres on Remy, an ambitious rat who dreams of becoming a Parisian chef. Burgess will play Remy, Lambert plays his older brother, Emile, and Brady plays his father. Tony Award-winner De Shields plays food critic Anton Ego, Kevin Chamberlin plays the great chef Gusteau and Andrew Barth Feldman plays Gusteau’s “nephew” Linguini.

Other cast members will be Tony-winner Priscilla Lopez, Tony-nominee Ashley Park, Owen Tabaka and three-time Tony-nominee Mary Testa. The show will be performed with the 20-piece Broadway Sinfonietta orchestra.

The musical — based on the 2007 Disney/Pixar film — has been percolating over the past several months on TikTok and many of that social media platform’s viral stars who helped contribute to the show are involved in the production.

A still from 'Ratatouille'.

Both Emily Jacobsen, who wrote the original ‘Remy the Ratatouille’ song for TikTok, and composer Daniel Mertzlufft, whose arrangement of that song helped kickstart the online effort are being given writing credit, as is Blake Rouse, who wrote two of the more popular songs on TikTok, ‘The Rat’s Way of Life’ and ‘Ratatouille Tango.’

The streamed show will be produced by Seaview Productions. It is adapted by Michael Breslin and Patrick Foley, choreographed by Ellenore Scott and directed by Lucy Moss.