Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth Image Credit: Instagram/chrishemsworth

Actor Chris Hemsworth recently paid a visit to the remote Australian community he lived in as a child.

Chris took to Instagram recently and posted several photos on Instagram from his recent visit to the Northern Territory called Gulin Gulin, People reported.

In the images, he can be seen posing with community members.

Hemsworth’s carousel of images featured a throwback photo, presumably of him as a young boy, posing with other children. He also included a photo of a banner that was drawn for him with the words “Welcome home,” Superman “S” symbols, stars, flowers, hearts and a man wearing a cape.

Another image showed him meeting a young fan and autographing their shirts.

“When I was younger, my family and I lived in a remote community in the Northern Territory. Some of my earliest and happiest memories are from that time,” he captioned the post.

“Now, 35 years later I’ve been lucky enough to take a trip back there,” he continued. “I couldn’t be more grateful to the people of Gulin Gulin for welcoming us with such warmth and kindness. Much love and appreciation,” he added.

Meanwhile, Hemsworth has also been in the news for his health. In an interview with Men’s Health, Hemsworth revealed that he has made major lifestyle changes after learning about his high risk for getting Alzheimer’s disease, Fox News reported.

“Now, I’m incorporating more solitude into my life,” Hemsworth, 40, shared.

“I’ve always been pretty consistent with my exercise commitments, but lately I’ve really felt the importance of taking time for yourself without any outside voice or stimulation and making time for stillness,” he added.

The Thor star is now incorporating more time for “mindfulness work.””I do a lot of meditation and breath work, mostly during sauna and ice bath routines,” he added.

“For me, my favourite mindfulness work comes from the immersion in physical activities that allow me to be fully present and force me out of me head and into my body, in particular surfing.”

In a conversation with longevity physician Dr. Peter Attia, the actor learnt that he is eight to 10 times more likely than the average individual to develop Alzheimer’s disease.” We’ve got every blood test one can get,” Attia tells Hemsworth in the show. “And you’ve got two copies of APOE4. A set from your mom and a set from your dad.”

APOE4 is the gene that has the strongest correlation to the development of Alzheimer’s disease; however, not much is known about it.

At the time, Attia told the Australian actor, “It’s my belief that if we take every step possible, we can reduce your risk to that of anyone else. ”Since then, Hemsworth has been making his health a top priority.