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This image from video provided by the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign shows Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., as he announces he is ending his presidential campaign Wednesday, April 8, 2020, in Burlington, Vt. (Bernie Sanders for President via AP) Image Credit: AP

Bernie Sanders may be out of the presidential race, but he’s staying busy and keeping in touch with famous friends. The Vermont senator was an unexpected guest on Cardi B’s Instagram Live when the rapper brought Sanders on to talk to her 62 million followers about the novel coronavirus, why he is endorsing Joe Biden — and manicures.

Cardi started off her live video by showing off her nails, which were inches long and painted a baby blue hue. Once Sanders joined the chat, he showed his unfussy set to the camera: “I want you to take a look at my nails. How are they looking?”

“They’re looking very quarantine. I can tell you’ve been in quarantine quite a while now by your nails, but you know what, it’s OK,” Cardi B responded.

The exchange was reminiscent of the pair’s last viral interview, which took place in a nail salon in Detroit last August. The rap superstar, a longtime, vocal supporter of Sanders, posted a photo from that discussion to her Instagram shortly afterward promising to help him build a movement of young people to transform the country — which is why she didn’t hold back her feelings.

The Grammy winner ranted about her disappointment that Sanders, who she affectionately refers to as Uncle Bernie, suspended his campaign. She explained she was so focused on Sanders she hadn’t done much research on Biden.

“One thing is, like the youth, they don’t really rock with Joe Biden because he’s conservative,” Cardi said — though she did clarify that she will vote for him come November.

Sanders addressed Cardi’s concerns and said his plan had always been to support whoever ends up as the Democratic nominee so President Donald Trump will no longer be in office.

“Donald Trump is, to my mind, the most dangerous president in the modern history of America,” Sanders said.

“This is a guy who lies all the time, he doesn’t believe in science, he downplayed this whole coronavirus which has led to the deaths of many thousands of people unnecessarily, he doesn’t believe in the Constitution. He thinks he’s above the law, so this is a bad-news guy, and he’s got to be defeated, and I will do everything that I can to defeat him,” he added.

Sanders assured Cardi and her followers his focus is on doing everything he can to make Biden a more progressive candidate.

The pair shared a back and forth about Trump’s mishandling of the virus and the effects it will have on the world even after it’s finally contained. “We’re in for a ride,” Cardi said, and things won’t be normal again for quite some time.

Sanders tried to end the chat with a point about the virus further cementing the need for universal health care — but not before being cut off by an incoming call from Cardi’s mother.

“That was my mama calling,” Cardi explained.

“OK — say hello to your mom for me,” Sanders responded.