Flybarre consists of 60 minutes of floor-based exercises in quick succession. Image Credit: Supplied picture

What is it?

So one day, the bigwigs at FlyWheel, which is arguably one of the most intense cardio workouts around (if not the most), decided that their classes needed a muscle toning component to complement it. And, hey presto – FlyBarre was born. Instructor Kristina Ferris says, "FlyBarre is a more athletic version of a barre method class. And it's faster paced and more upbeat. I love it because it's not trying to be a dance class, or trying to be a yoga class – there are certainly elements of dance, yoga and Pilates – but FlyBarre is its own thing! I guarantee your body has never done anything like it."

What happens?

The class consists of 60 minutes of floor-based exercises in quick succession. Some involve dumbells, others medicine balls, and others use the ballet barre for balance. Kristina says, "The playlist changes every day and is designed to help you make it through with a smile. We push your muscles to the absolute limit and then keep pushing. It's about muscle endurance rather than cardio or strength."

What are the results?

If the FlyBarre instructors' bodies are anything to go by, it sculpts abs, thighs and bums into lean, taught muscles. And I can well believe this would happen – it is without a doubt one of the hardest fitness class I have ever tried. "I developed a six-pack in one month," says Kristina. "If you come regularly, you'll look like a more fabulous version of yourself as each week passes. But don't take my word for it, come pulse with me and see." I went, I enjoyed and I ached for two days. But I'll be back. The lure of finely sculpted thighs is too strong to resist.