Viral photos show J-Hope in military uniform
Viral photos show J-Hope in military uniform Image Credit: Twitter

K-pop band BTS’ fans are excited after new photos of J-Hope, in his military uniform, were shared online this week.

Armys (BTS fans) said that Jung Ho-seok or J-Hope looked “adorable” and healthy and that they miss the 29-year-old singer and rapper.

BTS fan, @PamBattistella tweeted: “J-Hope is looking healthy at the military training camp.”

And, @ma_tayona95 commented: “I’m so happy that his okay and enjoying his military journey. I miss him so much.”

According to the South Korean entertainment news website,, the photos were released through the official military app called ‘The Camp’.

“The app provides official photos uploaded by the military, information about their daily meals, and is a place where letters can be sent virtually,” the report said.

Apparently, pictures of military trainees are often uploaded on the app, and J-Hope’s photos were among the recent updates.

In one of the group photos, J-Hope, who is also referred to as Hobi, wore a military uniform and made the signature heart sign with his fingers.

A second photo shows J-Hope smiling in what seems like his military quarters with other soldiers with their plates of food in front of them.

Some fans even zoomed in on the food on his table, to make sure their idol was eating healthy.

Twitter user @Mariya11716594 wrote: “He looks so good and young. Glowing in his military uniform.”

When J-Hope officially enlisted on April 18, the official BTS Twitter account shared photos of the entire group coming together to see him off.

The group photos that went viral included Jin, the oldest member of BTS, who is also currently serving in the military.

Fans are waiting for all the BTS members to complete their enlistment and return to making music as a group. Jin will return in June 2024, and J-hope in October of the same year.

According to a recent statement from BTS' company BigHit Entertainment, the K-pop boy band is expected to regroup in 2025. Other members are likely to start their military service this year to complete 18 months of service.