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Fashion designer Furne One at a showcase of his collection in Dubai Image Credit: GN Archives

Fashion weeks have often seen a fractured past, with several beginning with the proverbial bang but ending on a whimper. But the founders of Fashion Week 2021 in Dubai claim their inaugural event is cut from a different cloth.

“The idea behind every fashion week is to generate a profit and loss sheet and think let’s make some quick profit. Let’s charge the designers, get the money from the sponsors, make good money, and enjoy the limelight. Our approach is different,” said Saif Ali Khan, Fashion Week 2021 - Founder and Show Producer, at a press conference as he unveiled the three-day event that kicks off on December 16.

The organisers are looking at being here for the long run and making it a sustainable and serious fashion showcase for talent in the region.

Fashion Week Dubai 2021, which will run until December 18 at a specially erected circular arena at the IMG World of Adventure, will showcase creations of designers from the Middle East and India.

Fashion week
Fashion week Image Credit: Supplied

Alongside the glamour of the fashion show, the event will also feature a community initiative termed ‘Bazaar’ which will display products from local micro and small businesses.

“Our idea is not to make a profit. Kevin [Oliver, Fashion Week - Show Director] wants to work in reverse where the importance is towards showcasing the creations. We have worked in this industry for 20-plus years … We don’t look at this even from a profit or loss perspective,” said Khan.

They promise a spectacle with drama, flair, and fashion. “We want to celebrate the fashion in the city that we live in. This event is going to be sustainable,” Khan added.

Designers including Furne One, Varoin Marwah, Rabia Z, Rocky S and Victor Closet will participate and put their best fashion foot forward.

“I am going to close the fashion show and it’s going to be a spectacular celebration of all things gold. Think 50 golden creations, 50 models to celebrate the UAE 50th Golden Jubilee … There’s going to be lots of gold and drama,” said One in an interview with Gulf News after the press conference.

Designer Rabia Z, who has come a long way from winning the Best Emerging Designer gong back in 2007, feels her life as a designer has come full circle.

“I have taken part in fashion weeks across the world, but my experience of working with the team of Fashion Week 2021 has been wonderful,” she said.

A steady stream of Bollywood stars and other local celebrities are also expected to walk the ramp or be seated in the front row.

“It’s going to be a surprise, but expect some big names to dot the front row,” said Khan.

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Designer Varoin Marwah Image Credit: Supplied

For the first time, Dubai-based men’s wear designer Marwah — who has dressed up A-listers such as Ranveer Singh — will also roll out a collection for women upon public demand.

“There I said it, I couldn’t keep it a secret anymore. Now there’s something for everybody in my collection,” said Marwah.

The three-day fashion industry event filled with designer-led shows is by invite only.