BTS' RM joins Jimin's birthday live on Weverse.
BTS' RM joins Jimin's birthday live on Weverse. Image Credit: Weverse/Jimin

BTS Army (fans) are celebrating the birthday of one of the band members, K-pop idol Jimin.

Like all BTS members, the South Korean singer took to Weverse, an online K-pop fans community, and celebrated his 28th birthday with fans in a live video interaction on the platform.

Dressed in a brown sweatshirt, the 95-liner (group of South Korean idols who were born in 1995) responded to questions from Armys and even cut a cake.

BTS member RM surprised him as he joined the live interaction to wish his bandmate well. He came in shouting 'Happy birthday, Jimin' and later sat with him and even took a photo of him.

While speaking about everything BTS, the 28-year-old singer and dancer revealed that when he first heard 3D, it sounded like Jungkook was saying "ppeuriri" instead of “3D” and every time he sang "ppeuriri" around Jungkook, the latter would poke fun at Jimin's inability to pronounce '3'.

Jimin made fans feel emotional as Jimin revealed that Jin gifted him two months' worth of his military salary and a cute coin bag.

Fans also speculate that Jimin will be the next to enlist in the military after Suga, who was the third member of the band to do so. The speculation arises from the fact that Jimin regularly mentions enlistment and talks about shaving his hair off, which the artists have to do ahead of enlistment.

In another video that went viral recently, the singer was heard asking fans if he should use his time in the army to straighten his teeth.

“My front teeth aren’t straight… so a fan saw one of my teeth sticking out and mentioned the chewing gum that we advertised,” he laughed.

“This... they call me by that. I hope you can love that a bit. Should I straighten my teeth in the army, or should I not?” he asked.

“It’s a big concern of mine. It’s a long period and I don’t want to do it [straightening his teeth]. But, I should (or not) for all of you. I am thinking about it," the singer said.