BTS's Kim Taehyung
Image Credit: insta/thv

BTS fans celebrated today, as V or Kim Tae-hyung officially unveiled the debut solo album, ‘Layover’, along with its album cover.

Set to release on September 8, the record was announced on social media by the group’s label Big Hit Music on Monday.

A short video clip accompanied the post and included the title of the upcoming project.

The album will include six tracks – ‘Rainy Days’, ‘Blue’, ‘Love Me Again’, ‘Slow Dancing’, ‘For Us’, and an untitled bonus track, reportedly.

The artwork for the album cover went viral on social media with many fans noticing that it was a black-and-white, pixelated image of Yeontan, V’s pet pooch.

The black-and-tan Pomeranian has a huge fan following of his own.

“This isn't V's debut. It's Yeontan's. Y'all prepare for Yeontan to become the first animal to land a #1 on Billboard Hot 100,” wrote Reddit user @DiMpLe_dolL003.

“Everyone's favourite 'nepobaby'. Congrats, Yeontan!” wrote @dahngrest.

Another Yeontan fan, @Datt1992 posted: “Yeontan is now an album cover model.”

Despite knowing that raising him would be challenging due to his poor health, Taehyung had adopted the dog in 2017 and named him Kim Yeontan.

He later said in an interview that Yeontan's health had been very poor since birth. He has a small airway, because of which, if he runs even a little bit, he faints.

After living with the BTS members for a few years, Yeontan was moved to Taehyung’s parents’ house due to his busy work schedule.

Last week, Big Hit Music revealed that V would be collaborating with NewJeans’ creative director Min Hee-jin for the upcoming solo project.

The announcement comes amid BTS’ hiatus as some of its members have already started their mandatory military service in South Korea. On Monday, Big Hit issued a statement informing fans that Suga was getting ready for military enlistment.

The group’s hiatus is expected to end in 2025 when all seven members of BTS will complete their mandatory service.