Honesty, forward-thinking, inspiration and competency always topped the list of qualities people wanted to see in their leader. I read a book called ‘The Leadership Challenge’ by Barry Posner and James Kouzes. This book is different than others.

Whether leaders are born or trained is always been a debatable question. Posner and Kouzes believe that leaders can be trained but it is not an easy job.

This book explains leadership challenges not only in theory but it also quotes examples of various companies. I am writing about the fifth edition of the book. Each edition is updated with latest research and other updates.

The book features more than 100 case studies and examples. It addresses issues about how people work and what they want from their work.

When making extraordinary things happen in an organisation, leaders engage in five main practices which are: model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to act and encourage the heart. These practices are not the private property of a few set of people. Leadership is not about who you are; it’s about what you do. These practices are available for anyone who wants to lead people and take an organisation to a new height where it has never been before.

Kouzes and Posner emphasise on ‘shared vision’ for everyone in the team or in an organisation. If shared vision can be developed it can enhance confidence of the staff in the vision of an organisation. It is beneficial for employees to know what their organisation’s short and long term goals are. This knowledge will make employees feel more connected and responsible to the organisation. Connected employees will always work for the betterment of the organisation.

I suggest this book to all management students, professionals and also those who want to lead their life. Remember, leadership qualities are not only displayed in commercial organisation, it is an important quality that everyone should develop.

— The reader is based in Dubai.