When it comes to developing the animation scene in the UAE, passionate Emirati Khaled Bin Hamad never fails to be a devoted contributor.

He took the courageous decision to leave his job to pursue his love of animation and in 2014 he opened his own animation and design company in Dubai called Moving Reflection Productions. Bin Hamad is currently working on launching the Emirati Sci-Fi animation Empire of N, based in the UAE.

He will be attending the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in 2017 and ahead of the festival, he answers some questions sent by Gulf News.

Q: Do illustrations or picture books encourage children to read more?

Bin Hamad: “It definitely does. Reading takes phases in the child’s mind. It starts with images with little writing and it grows from there.”

Q: Why did you choose Anime as your genre?

Bin Hamad: “Because it’s something familiar that we grow up watching. 3D animations is a little overwhelming to the viewer. But, with anime you feel comfortable and familiar. For example, in the UAE you have adults buying action figures of characters they grew up watching. Plus anime is a brilliant medium for artistic expression mixed with storytelling.”

Q: What inspired you to start reading/writing?

Bin Hamad: “I remember when I was a kid on a school trip, the bus was late, so one of the teachers started reading a story to us. From that moment I was hooked. I never knew before that how reading can expand my horizon.”

Q: Who is your favorite author?

Bin Hamad: “I can’t say one name because it will not be fair for the other authors I really love. The best author to me is definitely J. K. Rowling. For me, the “Harry Potter” books were the perfect novels and they even should be taught in schools. I also love the writing of Orson Scott Card with his Ender’s Game series and recently I feel in love with the writing of Brandon Sanderson in his Mistborn trilogy.”

Q: Name one graphic novel that you think everyone should read.

Bin Hamad: I still can’t choose only one. I would say Flex Montello by Grand Morrison, which is an intellectual comic for smart people only. But, if you are looking for a fun comic, then I have to say Ms Marvel. I believe it’s the best superhero book now.”

— For more details on the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2017, log on to www.emirateslitfest.com.