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Emily Bronte’s novel ‘Wuthering heights’ is one of the greatest pieces of fiction ever written. The contradicting characters make it so interesting. The tale delves into the passionate, or rather destructive, love story between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff.

The central character of the book, Heathcliff, is adopted by Mr Earnshaw, a Yorkshire farmer. The boy is taken to his home “Wuthering Heights” and is raised with his two daughters Hindley and Catherine. However, Heathcliff is not treated well and is reduced to the state of a servant.

While Catherine loves him, Hindley hates him. Every thing seems smooth till they meet the Lintons. Heathcliffe runs away when Catherine decides to marry someone else. After years, Heathcliff returns to Wuthering Heights, as a rich and educated man. Set in a stormy countryside, the rest of the story revolves around his revenge over the two families responsible for ruining his life. However, it eventually leads to self-destruction.

Though the Victorian novel portrays reality and strained relationships, the plot turns chaotic with disturbing elements. Critics have observed that a reader will understand better every time he/she reads between the lines.

One of the powerful quotes from the book that tugs at my heartstrings is: “If he loved you with all the power of his soul for a whole lifetime, he couldn’t love you as much as I do in a single day.”

The novel starts off as a not so delightful reading, but gradually gets engrossing and intriguing. The author has deftly handled contradictions amidst melodrama and tragedy.

— The reader is based in Abu Dhabi.