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Bollywood actress Chitrangada Singh says her role as Mandira Kothari in the upcoming film Baazaar is unlike anything she’s played before.

Singh’s character is married to Shakun Kothari, a shrewd businessman portrayed by Saif Ali Khan.

Apart from being a mother and wife, her character is someone who is opiniated, socially conscious and has a no-nonsense attitude even when it means standing up to her larger than life husband, she says.

“Mandira is an interesting character. Though she is married to the rich and powerful Shakun, she is not afraid to stand up to him, whenever needed,” adds Singh. “Mandira is a strong-minded personality who is the backbone of Shakun, aware about her roles and responsibilities and is not a trophy wife.”

Baazaar, set in the backdrop of money and power around the stock market, also stars Radhika Apte and debutant Rohan Mehra. It’s scheduled to release in the UAE on October 25.