Some Twitter users shared old pictures of Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan with Noor Jehan Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: A political connection in Pakistan has landed Indian Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan in a Twitter controversy.

Pakistani media, reported on June 7 that Khan’s cousin Noor Jehan will be contesting in the country’s elections for a Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Assembly seat. The reports were shared on social media.

In India, Twitter drama ensued, and Khan started getting trolled. Some tweeps posted old pictures of Khan with Jehan.

Tweep @kasturikr posted: “@iamsrk I heard that your sister is contesting for elections in Pakistan? Is this true? You earn money here in India and your sister wants to contest for power in enemy state Pakistan? Why? What’s the agenda? #AskSRK.”

As usual, many ‘bhakts’ (right wing Hindu ideologists in India) thought this was enough reason for Khan to permanently relocate to Pakistan.

Twitter user @DBasyas: “I know SRK has reason to love Pakistan. He should contest there too.”

Tweep @ibeingdevil__ wrote: “Srk wanted Pak players in IPL even after attacks on India. Srk was partying after two Days of Mumbai blast. @iamsrk said India is intolerant. Srk’s family members are contesting elections in Pakistan. RT if you feel terrorist Srk should be thrown to Pakistan.”

Who is Noor Jehan?

The Financial Times reported: “Shah Rukh’s paternal cousin, Noor Jehan visited the Bollywood superstar twice and the family maintains a close contact with their relatives across the border. Noor Jehan has a political legacy attached to the family, and she has also served as a councillor.”

In 2011, Jehan had told the Express Tribune that she was visiting India to meet Shah Rukh Khan. According to Jehan, she stayed with Shah Rukh Khan for around a month during her first trip to India in 1997.

Some Twitter users decided to follow the path of logic and pointed out that it was not right to troll Khan. @pcinpocket posted: “If she is contesting the election then how is SRK responsible for it? Why will he be trolled for what his distant relative is doing in Pakistan? And why will you give the certificate of gaddar (traitor) and non-gaddar?”

Twitter user @ShreyaJha_29 reminded people that many Indians had and continue to have relatives in Pakistan due to the partition of India in 1947. She wrote: “Why there’s so much fuss about SRK’s cousin contesting elections in Pak? Like why? Before partition, we all were together, so maybe her family decided to stay that side of the border and SRK’s family came this side.”