UAE flag is hoisted at the Dubai Ladies Club. Image Credit: Abdel-Krim Kallouche/Gulf News

Dubai: At noon on Tuesday, the UAE flag will be simultaneously hoisted across all government departments and buildings across the emirate. As the country celebrates National Flag Day, Gulf News highlights the dos and don’ts of the country’s flag-raising etiquette, as stated on the UAE Ministry of Cabinet Affairs guidebook.

Flags that have been damaged or its colours have faded should not be raised. Hoisting the flag in a manner that does not follow the instructions provided {as per the guide] is prohibited.

Flags should be made of a durable material, preferably nylon, to withstand the country’s climate and humidity levels. The flag’s material should be able to flutter in the wind. The dyes used for the flag’s pan-Arab colours should be picked with local weather conditions in mind. The guidebook also suggests that flags be regularly changed to maintain their pristine look.

Flag and flagpole sizes

The size of the flag varies according to where the flag is hoisted. If raised atop a building, the flag should be 1.5 metresx3 metres in size, while the post on which it is hoisted should be between eight to 10 metres. If hoisted in front of a building, the flag should be 1 metrex2 metres in size and the post between 10-12 metres. Flags inside a hall or an office should also be 1mx2m, hoisted on a pole between four to six metres in a hall and 2.5 metres in an office.

Flag placement and positioning

Flags put up on the street, such as the strings of flags arcing from one side of a street to the other, should be positioned vertically with the red part on top, and the black part to the left. The same applies for large flags adorning the entrance of a building.

The UAE flag can be placed on light-posts during national holidays. The flag should be hung horizontally with the red part on top. It is forbidden for any other flag to be hung on the same street.

In front of hotels, or any buildings with multiple flagpoles, the UAE flag should be hoisted on the far left, if the total number of flagpoles is even. If there are an odd number of flagpoles, the UAE flag is hoisted in the middle.

All ships, whether trading boats or foreign warships, are required to hoist the UAE flag when within its waters. The flag should be hoisted upright from the centre of the ship when it is sailing and from the stern of the ship when it is docked.

During a speech, the flag is placed on the left of the podium, just behind the speaker’s right. The flag should always be hung higher than the speaker’s head.

When adorning a coffin with the UAE flag, the red part should cover the top part of the coffin. The flag should also be draped in such a way to prevent it from touching the floor. After the funeral proceedings, the flag is removed, folded and handed over to the deceased’s family.