Street Art: Local and international artists work together to jazz up some buildings in Dubai. Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: Here’s a virtual tour of the Dubai Street Museum. If you haven’t seen street art going a level up, here’s your big chance to see one — right here in Dubai.

For this special project, young Emirati artists work together to jazz up the ‘2nd of December Street’ with street art, a project spearheaded by Brand #Dubai and Dubai Municipality.

Both local and international artists are participating in the project set to be completed over a period of five years. The 2nd of December Street (formerly Diyafah Street), which leads to the historic Etihad (Union) House, one of the Dubai’s busiest, and is known for its local and international gourmet outlets.

Street art comes alive in Dubai.

The project also offers a unique opportunity for Emirati artists to engage with major international mural artists.

Project Manager of the Dubai Street Museum project Shaima Al Suwaidi said that Brand Dubai ensures all its key projects feature UAE artists as part of its commitment to support their development.

She also said that the UAE artists are making a unique contribution to the project.

“Local artists have created distinctive murals for the ‘2nd of December Street’ project and displayed a high level of skills. The project has facilitated their engagement with famous international mural artists from diverse genres, which will help them enhance their ability to execute such large projects,” Al Suwaidi said. Brand #Dubai is the creative arm of the Government of Dubai Media Office. Public art on ‘2nd of December Street’ forms the first phase of the Dubai Street Museum project.