Abu Dhabi: Children shrieking in delight, playing on the colourful slides, swings and see-saws dotting the Family Park on the Corniche. In the background, family members ensure that everything is all right as they set up their Eid Al Adha picnic.

Under the shade of a tree, surrounded by grandchildren, Saeed Al Bayouk and his family are enjoying the good weather as they prepare their lunch. "We have been in the UAE for 21 years. Every year, we celebrate Eid Al Adha here because it's difficult to celebrate back home in Palestine," his wife said.

"Also, every year we usually slaughter an animal but this year we decided to send money home and instead bought our meat from a butcher," she added.

However, that did not stop them from enjoying the day to its fullest. They planned to spend most of the day at the park, trading jokes and stories while the little ones run around nearby.

Nabeel Ali Al Qaisi and his wife Khulood are relaxing in the shade while they wait for the rest of their group, of friends and family, to arrive. Their children, three daughters and one son, are in the playground.

"We would love to travel back to Jordan to celebrate with our families there but unfortunately, things like the cost of travelling have prevented us from doing that," Nabeel Ali said, as he took a puff from his nargileh.

Instead, for the past five years Eid relatives and family members come from Jordan to spend a month with them before returning home.

"We come to the park for a few hours to allow the children to play while we enjoy coffee and small snacks, such as Maamoul Al Eid. Afterwards, we go to a restaurant or eat fast food together, depending on what the children want. Since it's their Eid, we let them decide." Khulood said.

Their six-year-old daughter Elaf runs up. In one hand, she is clutching a multi-coloured kite and in the other a toy gun.