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Khulud Abu Homos, chairwoman of Art Format Lab, and Mustafa Alaidaroos, CEO of Art Format Lab. Image Credit: Supplied

‘Mukhtar’, the first Saudi Arabian film to be filmed in the Kingdom, Egypt and Italy, is currently in production, says the Art Format Lab.

The film revolves around a Saudi Arabian explorer who runs a popular travel channel on YouTube and uploads a series called ‘100 Stories with Gharib’.

In every episode, Gharib narrates the exciting story of one country and meets people from different races and religions, shooting 99 episodes and building towards the final 100th episode.

The film aims to celebrate a dialogue of coexistence between different religions and convey the “the Saudi modern young gentlemen who call for moderation and tolerance with others. It is a Saudi film in terms of production, idea, script, music and acting,” according to a press release.

Art Format Lab, a Saudi Arabian company, specialises in creating Arabic content, which is produced at a global standard and distributed within the region and around the world. Art Format Lab develops various content, including talk shows, documentary films, dramas and feature films.

“We are optimistic that in the coming period we will see opportunities for the development of Saudi filmmaking young talents as this industry has proven to show great potential in enriching the local content. We aim to guide those energetic talents on the path to a Saudi cinema that has great global outreach in the near future,” said Mustafa Alaidaroos, CEO of Art Format Lab.

One of the major projects of Art Format Lab is bringing the Entertainment Experience to the Arab world. The project, originally a Dutch concept and implemented in various countries, is an interactive platform that brings together local filmmaking talents, from all ages and experience levels, on a single online social networking platform to produce a crowdsourced movie.