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The Emirati body swap comedy ‘Rashid & Rajab’, releasing in the GCC during Eid Al Fitr, has been acquired by the global sales agent AGC International in a deal signed at Cannes Film Festival in France.

Thanks to the deal, the film has the potential to become available worldwide and will have a platform to be distributed to exhibitors, broadcasters and streaming platforms around the globe.

The film follows the story of an Emirati executive, Rashid (Marwan Abdullah Saleh), who switches bodies with an Egyptian delivery man, Rajab (Shadi Alfons), after the pair get into a freak accident on the way to work. Mohammad Saeed Harib (‘Freej’) makes his live-action feature debut with the film, with fellow Emirati directors Ali Mostafa (The Worthy) and Majid Alansari (Zinzana) co-producing, alongside Rami Yasin.

“Once again, we are honored to partner with AGC Studios on the international sales for our upcoming release, Rashid & Rajab,” said Ben Ross, the chief content officer at Image Nation Abu Dhabi. He called it a “testament to the film’s universal charm and appeal.”