Sushama (Anushree) lives and works in Thrissur with her school going son, while her husband, Chandramohan (Dileep), a government employee, is posted at Trivandrum. Sushama is hoping that a transfer to Trivandrum will come through soon.

Sushama is a woman who likes to know where her husband is at all times. So, right from the time she wakes him up and pushes him out for his morning exercise to the last “good night” call, Sushama’s conversations always begin with, “Chandraettan Evideya! (Where are you?) or Chandraettan Engota! (Where to?) or Enthinaa (Why?). Sushama must know his every movement and the reason for his actions.

Apart from his government service, Chandramohan is a freelance writer and reviews classical dance shows for women’s magazines.

On a family holiday to Tamil Nadu, at Sushama’s insistence, Chandramohan meets an astrologer who predicts an extra-marital affair in his life. Chandramohan does not take this seriously as he loves his family very much. But, Sushama loses sleep over such a possibility —“What if?”

The astrologer’s predictions seems to be coming true when Dr Geethanjali, (Namitha Pramod) a classical dancer, walks into Chandramohan’s office.

Directed by Siddharth Bharathan, son of illustrious couple, the late Malayalam director Bharathan and actress K.P.A. C. Lalitha, Chandraettan Evideya is a family entertainer. Santosh Echikannam has written the story and screenplay. This is Bharathan junior’s second film, after Nidra, a remake of his father’s 1981 film.

Although the story about Chandramohan’s past life — which dates to ancient times when he was a poet in a kingdom and in love with a court dancer — sounds bizarre, the narrative keeps you engaged with Dileep’s subtle acting. Missing here is the slapstick comedy and irreverent jokes, that are a common feature in many of his films, and a relief.

There is good humour woven around certain situations, and is amusing.

Anushree, with her perfect portrayal of an anxious and insecure wife, wins hands down. Namitha as the other woman is the right foil to Sushama. Geethanjali is pretty and accomplished.

KPAC Lalitha plays Sushama’s colleague, Valsala Chechi and her good friend, upon whom she relies for advice. The veteran actress is brilliant and keeps viewers laughing.

Chandraettan Evideya is a film that many women could connect to.