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Just because it’s raining sun beams, don’t miss out on the summer fun. There’s still plenty to keep everyone — of all ages — occupied, learning and having a good time. Whether you want your little person to learn a new trick or make new friends, these classes offer healthy options.

1. Emirates Park Zoo and Resort, Abu Dhabi

What: Young campers can learn all about various wild animals when they enrol in this month-long camp at the Emirates Park Zoo through interactive activities. “The Emirates Park Zoo and Resort Summer Camp is the perfect first step for children to foray into the world of wildlife. It offers a safe environment for children to meet and closely interact with animals that they otherwise only see on television and in books,” says Waleed Sha’aban, Emirates Park Zoo’s operations manager,

When: July 2 to August 31, from 9am-2pm daily, except Tuesdays. Tuesday: 9am — 3pm.

Ages: Six to 12

Cost: Dh159 for one day; Dh699 per week; Dh2,499 for a month. Meals included.

2. The Junction, Dubai

What: Students can take up singing, dancing, acting and improvising (or focus on one of these performance arts) throughout the Performing Arts Summer Camp. Training programmes are tailored by Camp Director Alex Broun, the founder of theatre festival Short+Sweet Dubai. What’s more — parents can keep an eye on their child’s progress through a weekly performance — every Thursday afternoon — at The Junction. “I’m excited to start up this Summer Camp at The Junction” said Broun. “The Junction has been a wonderful addition to the performing arts scene in Dubai in recent years and it has quickly developed a reputation as one of the most friendly and accessible venues in Dubai.”

When: July 2-August 31. 9am-2.30pm, Sunday to Thursday

Ages: Seven-12

Cost: Dh850 per week per student. Costs are reduced for those students wishing to attend more than one week.

3. Warehouse421

One for all ages, this four-week plan offers interactive workshops — more than 50 — and events in the fields of art, design, music, dance, lifestyle, board games and film. Every day there will be 19 activities for children in the morning. Shamma Al Mheiri, of Warehouse421 said: “Throughout the year we are delighted to welcome members of the public to take part in our public programmes. The launch of Summer Camp at Warehouse421 offers a vibrant, culturally rich and creative platform for the community to engage via a variety of creative and lifestyle driven activities. We want to provide an outlet that allows for residents to connect in a fun and different way throughout the summer months. With four weeks of dedicated activities for children, teens and adults, this programme is designed to be accessible to all and we welcome everyone to join us, whether you’re a regular at Warehouse421 or a newcomer.”

When: July 16 to August 10, daily except for Mondays and Fridays. Activities are slotted according to ages: 5-12 years old, from 10am-12pm; 13+, 3-6pm; 16+, 7-10pm

Ages: Five-16+

Cost: Afternoon session: Dh50; film screenings free. Children’s packages: one week: Dh550; individual session: Dh125

4. Ductac

Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre has launched a series of camps for this summer to engage and teach your child new skills. Divdied up by age, these courses offer kids the chance to learn through fun activities.

The programmes include:

Art: where children use different mediums to create works of art, including photo transfer, painting with natural dyes, sculpture, and more. They are also taught about master painter, and the concepts of up-cycling and sustainable art.

Fashion: Young girls get schooled on the art of fashion, and leave with a lovely fairy-tale dress that they’ve created. This plan teaches the girls basic fashion design skills and techniques, such as drawing and sketching, creating mood boards, stitching and sewing (both by hand and machine). Their tutor will be Lynn Nolan, who has extensive experience and qualifications in the fashion industry both in UK and the Middle East.

Pottery camp: includes lessons on throwing, centring, and trimming, firing and glazing.

When: Various.

Art: July 2-27, Sunday-Thursday. Morning session: 9.30am-11am; Afternoon session: 11.30am-1pm

Fashion: July 2-20. 9am-12.30pm

Pottery camp: July 2-13, Sunday to Tuesday and Thursday. 9.30am — 12pm

Ages: Various

Cost: Art, Dh1,200/week (both sessions); Dh750/week (single session). Fashion: Dh1,000/week. Pottery: Dh1,400.

5. Jump Boxx Summer Camp

Get up and get moving! Children can jump on trampolines, try arts and crafts or experience team building activities at this eight-week summer camp.

When: July 3-August 25; Monday-Friday

Ages: five-15

Cost: Start at Dh499 per week

6. Summer Explorers at Atlantis, The Palm

Get your kids’ creative juices flowing with challenges to test your children’s strength, courage and imagination. They can explore Aquaventure, meet fitness challenges and learn how to be a better swimmer.

When: July 9-13, July 23-27, August 1-10, August 20-24 and September 3-7. 9am-5pm

Ages: Three to seven and eight to 12

Cost: Dh1,800. Inclusive of lunch and snacks. A 10 per cent discount for repeat guests or minimum of two camps booked per family (excluding Aquamania)

Time: 9am to 5pm

7. Al Nasr Leisureland Summer Camp 2017

A number of fun activities are available at this summer camp, including skating, cooking, henna, dance and arts and crafts classes.

When: Until August 24, Sunday-Thursday, 9am-1.30pm

Ages: Seven-13

Cost: Dh1,000. Comes with 12 skating coupons and two complementary T-shirts

8. Malhaar Centre for Performing Arts

Now this is real edutainment. Malhaar’s creative summer camp offers a safe space for your children to unleash their inner creativity, with activities such as contemporary music, dance, theatre as well as art and crafts.

Malhaar’s founder-director Jogiraj Sikidar says: “The idea is to offer youngsters opportunities that will help them grow while keeping them entertained. The cultural activities have been planned to help them learn how to be disciplined, remain focused, multi-task at any given opportunity, gain confidence and think creatively. These are life skills that the young generation must acquire as they grow up.”

“The summer vacation also provides the perfect window to the kids to pick up these extra skills since they are not weighed down with homework, exams and after-school activities,” adds Sikidar.

When: July 2 — August 31, Monday-Thursday, 9.30am-1.30pm

Ages: Six-15

Cost: Dh550 for one week; Dh1,000 for two weeks; Dh1,350, three weeks; Dh1,600, for four weeks.

9. Superheroes Kids Camp Abu Dhabi

The Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel and Resort has a treat in store for parents this year. When you enrol your child for fun activities that keep him/her engaged, you can lounge by the pool and take some ‘me-time’ as you get free resort access.

When: July 2-September7, weekdays. 9am-2pm

Ages: Four-9 and 10-14

Cost: Dh180 daily

10. Interior Design Camp

This beginner’s course, held at Ductac, promises a fun, interactive and practical time to students interested in interior design.

Ages: 10-17

When: July 9-13; August 6-10th. 10am- 1pm

Cost: Dh1,200

11. Fit Inc. Summer Camp

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Located at Fit Inc. City Tower 2 on Sheikh Zayed Road, Fit Inc. is hosting a fitness summer camp. Rather than sitting at home and beating the heat with the TV, have your young one’s spring into some indoor action and have a blast with a variety of different activities. Available throughout July, Fit Inc’s thrilling Summer Camp is the full package with gymnastics, parkour, yoga and a dance class.

When: Weekdays - 2nd to 31st July – 9am till 12pm

Ages: for kids between five to 10 including a

Cost: Dh3,000 for the whole month.