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UAE Expo 2020 ambassadors go big on social media

Awareness of the expo on part of bidding city’s residents is a winning criteria

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Dubai: The UAE’s Expo 2020 Ambassadors, a group of young men and women tasked to represent Dubai, are aggressively taking to social media to promote Dubai as a host city for the Expo — especially because residents’ passion and awareness for the event is one of the criteria for winning the bid.

“One main criteria that the head of the BIE talked about is to see a fire in the eyes of the people in the bidding country about the Expo,” said Ben Ouattara, one of the ambassadors.

The ambassadors have taken to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to explain the Expo 2020 event and Dubai’s bid. “One of the most important elements is raising awareness about the expo, a lot of people see the logo but don’t know what it’s about, so we try to expand into more platforms to raise awareness.”

So far, the ambassadors have 3,000 followers on Facebook and 2,200 on Instagram where they promote Dubai in pictures, said ambassador Eenas Al Shaikh.

An inspection team is currently in Dubai to evaluate it’s ability to host the Expo.

“I think we’re in a critical stage. I like to consider the other cities, they have a lot of history, but Dubai stands out, we’ve been in the limelight for a long time. I think the delegates will be impressed,” said ambassador Sara Al Boom. “I think we’re full on ready. We’re on turbo power right now.”

If Dubai wins the bid to host the Expo 2020, UAE residents will experience a technology and culture exchange at their doorsteps, said Ouattara.

“It’s very interesting, there are futuristic developments that will be shown, so you can see what’s coming in five years, you can see the future and network and you don’t even have to travel,” he said.

A win for Dubai will be significant for the Middle East, said Al Shaikh .

“We never had the honour of hosting the Expo in the Arab world. I’m Egyptian and I’d be so proud for my sisters and brothers here to win,” she said.

Winning the bid will be a boost for future generations in the UAE, Al Boom said.

“I think we have a really big chance. I’m not just saying this because I’m a UAE national. I believe in my city. We are going to be 42 years old, look at what this country did after unification, we developed so fast. We strive for the best and continue to grow but under the Expo theme we’re thinking about upcoming generations,” she said.