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Expo 2020 win would be celebrated in Dubai World Central

Dubai and the UAE could be celebrating a successful bid later this month as countdown continues

Image Credit: Zarina Fernandes/ Gulf News
Whilst the Expo 2020 would only be hosted in Dubai manybusiness leaders and government representatives havehighlighted the benefits it will bring to all seven emirates.
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Dubai: The purpose built Dubai Airshow venue at Dubai World Central could be where the emirate would celebrate the announcement of a successful Expo 2020 bid, a top Dubai aviation executive has said.

Speaking at a media event showcasing the new Dubai Airshow venue earlier this year, Sharief Fahmy, F&E Aerospace Chief Executive Officer said the company had “been working to a build a facility” where the announcement of a win could be celebrated.

F&E Aerospace are the organisers of the Dubai Airshow.

It is public knowledge that Expo 2020 would be held in the 140 square kilometre Dubai World Central if the bid is successful.

Fahmy said F&E Aerospace had been working with Dubai Airports and the Dubai government.

“We are big supporters of Dubai’s bid to win the Expo,” he said.

The countdown is on with the Expo 2020 host city to be announced in 20 days on November 27. Dubai is bidding to host the event against Izmir in Turkey, Sao Paulo in Brazil, and Yekaterinburg in Russia.

Ten days out from the announcement F&E Aerospace will host the Dubai Airshow in its new purpose built location in Dubai World Central, which also includes the up-and-running Al Maktoum International Airport.

“We’re very excited about the potential of Expo 2020,” Fahmy said.

Rapid development

Following the November 27 announcement — and if Dubai is successful in its bid — it is expected the pace of development in Dubai World Central will rapidly increase in order to meet infrastructure requirements needed for hosting the event.

Dubai International is nearing capacity even after expansions and renovations to the airport meaning the new Al Maktoum International would be slated to manage the bulk of 25 million visitors expected to travel to Dubai for Expo 2020.

“If Expo 2020 really does happen the sky is the limit,” Fahmy said when asked what the Airshow would look like in 2020 and how it would tie into Expo.

The government is “going to use all the resources necessary and in UAE style they are going to build facilities that are going to be just mind-blowing and really justify Dubai was the right bid to the international community,” he said.

Whilst the Expo 2020 would only be hosted in Dubai many business leaders and government representatives have highlighted the benefits it will bring to all seven emirates. Fahmy said the event would promote national pride in the UAE.

“An event like Expo 2020 will only bring Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and the other … emirates closer,” he said.

New projects

The Dubai economy is expected to see a significant boost if it is successful in its bid later this month as existing developments are sped up and new projects get underway. Fahmy said that it is important that with the possibility of so many jobs being created by hosting the event, it should be known that “Dubai is blessed with a very safe working environment”.

“About 200 nationalities live here and work here side by side in peace with one and other. It’s an extremely tolerant culture,” he said.

Expo 2020 in Dubai would be the first major international event hosted in the Middle East with Qatar hosting the Doha World Cup in 2022.

“It [Expo] is going to highlight a glowing beacon in the Middle East in the form of the UAE … [it will show] what UAE culture is all about and really what the region can offer the rest of the world.”