Children can use tablets to engage with puzzles, games and e-books. Image Credit: Unsplash/Patricia Prudente

Should children be exposed to screens? Screen time restrictions and screen learning have been hot topics in the recent past, as parents try to find a healthy balance between giving their children digital access, and setting boundaries. Even the World Health Organisation took note and issued guidelines in April 2019, recommending a maximum of one hour of screen time for children aged two to four.

In that hour, if children are able to engage in puzzles, games and e-books through a device that ensures their privacy and safety, there’s no better digital learning tool for them than a tablet. So, we researched the best tablets for children, assessing aspects like built-in parent accounts, privacy controls, timers and pre-selected websites or apps that are age-appropriate. You can purchase these tablets with Amazon Prime and get one as early as tomorrow! Here is our final list:

1. AEEZO Kids Tablet

Who is it for?

The reasonably priced AEEZO tablet is ideal for preschool or nursery-going children, who like games, puzzle and engaging art activities. The sturdy silicone case and screen protection (provided free) will ensure the tablet will survive messy, clumsy little hands.

What’s the best part?

This 7-inch touchscreen tablet provides full access to Google services, which means you can download any app from Google Play. The tablet comes pre-installed with Kidoz, a Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) certified app that ensures your child is viewing age-appropriate, filtered content. Its Android 10 operating system includes an ad-blocker, and faster processing speeds than previous versions. AEEZO is also providing a free screen protection film that will block harmful blue light and protect your child’s eyes, along with a free silicone cover in blue or pink that will help the tablet survive falls and spills. You can add on a Dh30 Amazon coupon for an additional discount!

Weight: 640 grams

Dimensions: ‎18.8 x 10.92 x 1.02 cm

2. Lenovo Tab M8 (second generation)

Who is it for?

The Lenovo M8 is a smart choice if you want your household to have just one, shared tablet.

What’s the best part?

Built for passing around from person to person, the Lenovo M8 identifies family members by their dedicated profiles. In the case of children, you can activate the tablet’s built-in Kid’s Mode 3.0 – an independent account that is a repository of rich, customised content for children under 12 years of age. The interface provides access to games, apps, videos, audio and books that offer educational content in 44 languages. The device’s eye-protection mode activates automatically to filter out blue light that strains the eyes. There are also parental controls that can help you limit your child’s time on the tablet.

Flaws that are not dealbreakers

While sleek and fast, the M8 does not come with a protective case. However, you can always purchase one separately – there are child-friendly cases available on Amazon.

Warranty: You can purchase Amazon’s one-year extended warranty for Dh25, one-year damage protection for Dh35, or a package with one-year extended warranty and two years damage protection for Dh40.

Weight: 305 grams

Dimensions: ‎12.18 x 0.81 x 19.91 cm

3. Pritom Kids Tablet

Who is it for?

This device has tons of educational content for children ages 2 to 12. It’s packaged in a durable, impact-resistant silicone case that doubles as a stand so that it can be propped up on a table or a desk.

What’s the best part?

The 7-inch tablet’s iWawa Kid software provides a safe, entertaining and educational platform, and gives parents full access to security controls and content management. Restrictions such as child locks, timers and preferences are easy to toggle. The device’s Android 10 operating system and high-performance quad-core processor ensure fast-loading apps and downloads, and a steady WiFi. The tablet also allows for additional micro-SD card extensions so that you can increase its storage space from 16GB to 32GB or even more.

Weight: 520 grams

Dimensions: ‎18.03 x 12.19 x 0.76 cm

4. Wintouch K11 Kid Tablet Dual Sim

Who is it for?

A basic tablet with dual sim capability, it works well for adults who want to make calls on a larger device than a mobile phone, but also don’t want to spend money on another tablet for their child.

What’s the best part?

The Android 4.4 operating system is just powerful enough to entertain and educate your preschooler, with the tablet’s many in-built apps and games. With a long-lasting battery that can even stretch to 24 hours, depending on usage, the tablet has a user-friendly interface, featuring large, bright and colourful icons that help children navigate easily. The tablet also supports YouTube – a favourite among children for videos on songs and rhymes. It comes with a protective case that is durable but not too chunky, and adds to its slim aesthetic.

Flaws that are not dealbreakers

Since this is a basic tablet, it does not have specific restrictive controls, so parents will have to keep an eye on their child’s screen time and content viewed, without the help of technology.

Weight: 1.16kg

Dimensions: ‎26.8 x 25.6 x 4 cm

5. G-Tab Q5 Kids Tablet 

Who is it for?

If you are thinking of giving your child, niece or nephew a tablet as a gift, consider the unique appeal of the G-Tab. It’s likely to win points with children because it looks like a cartoon character or a miniature robot.

What’s the best part?

There are no silicone cases needed. The G-Tab is specially designed with a drop-proof protective shell, allowing it to maintain its aesthetic charm. The standing base design frees up children’s hands and allows multiple people to engage with its apps at the same time. Designed for early education, the tablet has a variety of apps with frequent recommendations that are tailored to your child’s usage history. It also features a karaoke-style microphone that will have your child singing endlessly. Parental controls allow you to limit screen time and select age-appropriate content. There’s also a child dashboard where young ones can only access content permitted for them by their parents. The device is available in four colours.

Weight: ‎1.1kg

Dimensions: 27.6 x 24.6 x 12 cm

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