It's the first week of the month, which means you can take advantage of great grocery deals during Amazon's Super Saver Week. Image Credit: Shutterstock

There’s nothing better than starting off a new month with savings. Amazon’s Super Saver Week is here, which means you can enjoy big discounts on household and grocery products. We bring you a list of items you cannot miss – take advantage of discounts and stock up your pantry. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, get the products as early as tomorrow. And don’t forget to Subscribe and Save to auto-schedule deliveries for your favourite items!

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1. Tilda Basmati Rice, 5kg

With a delicate texture and an aroma that makes your mouth water, basmati rice is a staple in Southeast cooking, and is featured in biryanis, pilafs, and many more dishes. This 5kg bag by Tilda will meet all your cooking needs for weeks to come. Grab it when it’s discounted and enjoy the savings with each bite!

2. Vanish Fabric Stain Remover Liquid, Pink, 2 litre (Pack of 2)

Do you have children, pets, or just a few bad days in the kitchen? Just add a dose of Vanish Fabric Stain Remover with your usual detergent to your laundry load, and wash stains away - this great product removes even tough dried-in stains. It's safe for use on everyday fabrics, including silk, wool, colours and whites.

3. Sunny, Sun Active, Blended Vegetable Oil, 5L

The best kinds of food always use a little oil in them. Sunny's blended vegetable oil is a healthy choice – rich in Omega 3, with no cholesterol, making it the perfect balance of health and taste. Stock up with this 5-litre container so you don’t have to rush to the store when you run out.

4. Sensodyne Multi Care + Whitening Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth, 75ml (Pack of 2)

With this deal, you can buy two of the number one selling toothpaste on Amazon at a discounted price. If expensive teeth whitening procedures are out of your budget, look no further for the next best option. Smile with confidence by using a pea-sized amount of Sensodyne Multi Care + Whitening daily, which also relieves sensitivity to hot or cold food and beverages.

5. Persil Power Gel Low Foam (Pack of 3) 

If you've been using powder detergent, make the switch to Persil's liquid detergent to see an enormous difference. The brand claims to generate twice the washing power of regular powder detergent, meaning a better result, with fresh, clean, stain-free laundry. Using German technology, the detergent preserves the life of fabrics, treating them gently and leaving no residues behind. Stock up with this pack of three!

6. Starbucks Espresso Roast by NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Dark Coffee (3X12 Capsules)

Do you own an espresso machine, and love brewing cafe style coffee at home every day? Then take advantage of discounts on Starbucks coffee capsules during Super Saver Week! This dark roast is intense and caramel-sweet, and gives you the energy boost you need for busy days at work.

7. WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes (Pack of 4)

With a little one at home, you cannot have enough wet wipes around. WaterWipes are ideal for cleaning babies’ delicate skin - they are gentle enough to even use on premature babies. Made of 99.9 per cent water and a drop of fruit extract, these wipes are effective yet mild and made for sensitive skin. Stock up now while they are on sale!

8. Lipton Yellow Label Black Tea, 300 Tea Bags

Who doesn't love a hot cup of tea in the morning or afternoon? Stock up on Lipton Yellow Label tea bags so you always have your favourite cupppa at hand. This value pack contains 300 tea bags of black tea, made from carefully selected and fresh-pressed tea leaves.

9. Listerine Mouthwash, Fresh Burst, 500ml (Pack of 3)

Did you know brushing reaches only 25 per cent of your entire mouth? It’s why it might be a good idea to have Listerine Mouthwash at hand, to fight germs that cause plaque and provide three times the coverage of a tooth brush. This pack of three will give you lasting fresh breath, all day long.

10. ALSHIFA Honey Natural, 3 kg

If honey is a breakfast staple for you and your family, bag this 3kg bottle of Al Shifa’s Natural Honey that comes in a clasp glass jar. Rich and nutritious, a dollop of Al Shifa on buttered toast and in your morning tea works well as a natural sweetener.

11. Knorr Creamy Mushroom Pot Pasta (6 x 67g)

There should always be a comforting snack in everyone's pantry. Let Knorr's Creamy Mushroom Pasta be yours with this multipack of 6 sachets. Get delicous, creamy pasta in just five minutes, made with sustainably sourced mushrooms and 100 per cent natural vegetables, herbs and spices.

12. Sheba Flakes Tuna (80g X 6 Cans) 

Give your pet cat flavourful meals rich in omega 3 fatty acids and protein, wth this box of Sheba tuna flakes. Made with natural ingredients, such as whole pieces of fish and meat, Sheba’s cat food provides great taste while helping to restrict cardiac issues.

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