Watch: Vandals try to break Tesla Model 3 and its charger

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Watch: Vandals try to break Tesla Model 3 and its charger

Shocking footage has emerged of a pair of vandals trying to damage a Tesla Model 3 while the electric car was parked and being charged - and the incident was filmed by the car’s very own integrated surveillance system.

Called Sentry Mode, the safety system uses the Autopilot cameras around the car and it was able to record the whole horrid affair which took place earlier this week. The footage, shared online by the owner of the Model 3, was captured at the parking garage of the Park MGM center in Las Vegas.

A young man is seen curiously walking over to the car and then attempting to open the door. He then walks away to his own vehicle, a black Nissan Maxima, parked next to the Tesla. Then, a second man enters the fray and heads directly for the charging cable and begins violently yanking at the chord. He then kicks at the cable and is joined by the first man who also lashes out at. The car's alarm is set off and the spooked pair get into their car along with several other friends and drive off.

Why the attack on the EV? Commentators say spite or jealousy could be the reason. The good news is the vandals did not damage anything - but the bad news for them at least is that this is an attempted crime according to Nevada laws. If the owner of the car decides to hand the footage over to police, they could identify and arrest the two hooligans.

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