Watch: The safest cars of 2019 being crash tested

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Watch: The safest cars of 2019 being crash tested

Every new car on the market today is crammed with the latest and the most advanced technology features and creature comforts. It is very easy to be captivated by these tech features and overlook a very important aspect of car purchase; occupant safety. Euro NCAP has been the foremost authority in testing and certifying cars for their safety credentials for years now. A car with the top five-star rating from Euro NCAP should offer the buyer great peace of mind in the knowledge that his or her car is guaranteed to keep its occupants safe in the event of an accident.

The agency has published its Best in Class for 2019 this week. Fifty-five cars were assessed among which forty-one achieved the top accolade of five stars. According Euro NCAP, this makes 2019 one of the most impressive years on record since it started to evaluate consumer safety of cars on the European market.

Mercedes-Benz regained its crown in the best performing Small Family Car category, with its CLA achieving a score of more than 90 percent in three of the four areas of safety and delivering the best overall rating of the year.

Tesla also had an impressive record in 2019. The Model X is 2019’s winner in the Large Off-Road category, while the Tesla Model 3 topped the ‘Electric and Hybrid’ vehicle class sharing the top spot in the Large Family category with BMW’s 3 Series. The two cars ended up with identical overall scores, with the BMW scoring better in pedestrian protection, and the Tesla having an edge in Safety Assist.

In the combined Small Off-road/Small MPV class, Subaru’s new Forester is the winner, followed closely by Mazda’s CX-30 and VW’s T-Cross. In fact, Mazda has had an excellent year, with the Mazda 3 performing exceptionally well in adult occupant protection and taking the second place to the Mercedes-Benz CLA in the Small Family Car category.

The Supermini class saw the Audi A1 and Renault Clio in a tie for top spot. The video above shows all these cars being crash tested by Euro NCAP.

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