Watch: Audi hits BMW and then crashes through vape store

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Watch: Audi hits BMW and then crashes through vape store

Footage has emerged online of the moment a driver of a white Audi A4 hitting a BMW and then instead of slamming on the brakes, flooring the throttle to send the saloon violently crashing through a vape store.

The video of the accident, which happened back in October 2018, reveals the exact details during the incident in Victoria, British Columbia - and it isn't as straight forward as first thought. 

When the A4 pulls into view, it his a curb before making contact with the passing BMW and this causes catastrophic damage to the Audi's front left wheel which likely affected the driver’s ability to steer.

However, there is no explanation why the elderly driver then floors the throttle instead of hitting the brakes which sends the car flying through a vape store. It avoids a customer by mere inches while the shop keeper dives out of the way of the out of control vehicle. 

Thankfully, nobody was injured.

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