Remake! Tesla Cybertruck takes place of Back to the Future DeLorean. Why? Because it’s the future!

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Remake! Tesla Cybertruck takes place of Back to the Future DeLorean. Why? Because it’s the future!

The Cybertruck was inspired by games like 'Halo’, other cars such as the 1977 Lotus Esprit and even the 1985 sci-fi classic hit, ‘Back to the Future’, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. So, it isn’t a surprise to see a YouTuber - going by the name Elon McFly (nice touch!) - recreate one of the movies most iconic scenes but replace the DeLorean with the electric truck, and we have to say it looks flawless.

The short clip shows the Cybertruck accelerate to 88mph before traveling through time, disappearing past characters Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown and leaving behind two blazing tyre trails. It license plate seemingly takes a cheeky dig at combustion engines – it reads 'Lol Gas' instead of the original’s ‘Outatime’!

The recreation was made by experts with visual effects studio Fort York located in Toronto. Eleven people were involved with the project, as well as Creative Director Mike Bishop, including four CG artists, another four flame artists, one flame assistant, and two VFX producers.

The Tesla, replete with all of the haphazard wiring, just like on the DMC, seems to be a hit among the public even though billionaire Musk revealed he had doubts about how it would be perceived by consumers on a recent podcast due to its unconventional design. It has a blocky body which some have praised and others have criticized.

While our allegiance remains with the original, we sure can appreciate the narrative symmetry of having a vehicle built with “the future” in mind — one without an internal combustion engine — represented in this classic film about finding your way home.

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