Praga will be doing some heavy testing of the Bohema in Dubai ahead of the launch of a new brand centre in the UK. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: It sure did not take long for the Bohema hypercar to make itself heard loud and clear.

Three weeks after announcing its plans, the manufacturer - Praga - has had the first showcasing of the road-legal Bohema in the UAE.

The Bohema - with production likely to start second-half of 2023 following the final six months of development on road and track - promises to deliver 700hp, while weighing in ‘at just 982 kg’.

There will be 10 of the limited run of 89 cars allocated to customers next year. Praga is taking orders for 2024 and has already committed the final car - number 89 - to a client in the US.

“It’s a very significant moment in Praga’s 115-year history,” said Mark Harrison, Sales and Marketing Director and CEO of Praga Cars UK. “I believe the unique mix of the Bohema’s engineering, performance statistics, stunning looks, and build quality will turn heads here.

I am convinced hypercar collectors in the Middle East will love this car.

- Mark Harrison of Praga Cars UK

Praga is basing the business in the UAE until March while a new global brand centre is under development in the UK.