Auto Brexit
In the money! This unique 'Brexit' number plate is set to make Shaun Craigie from east Bristol, UK, thousands of pounds... Image Credit: David Betts Photography

Private number plates are popular not only due to the fact that they are limited and look pretty neat on your vehicle but after they are registered, the value of some rare combinations can grow, so they can be considered an investment too.

Now, one Brexit backing UK motorist aims to capitalize on this by selling his unique plate for over £4,000 (Dh20,000) – that’s ten times what he initially paid for it, and there very well could be a bidding war for his “UK20 OUT” plate!

Leave voter Shaun Cragie paid £400 to the DVLA for the registration – which cannot be used until March 1 - and now the 41-year old from east Bristol is planning to sell it for thousands through an auction.

He said he was surprised to see the "EU20 OUT" plate available for £400 and snapped up the historic design confident that he could re-sell it for a lot more. “The number plate is historic - it is the only plate to mark this time in history. It speaks for itself really,” Cragie said. “I thought what about 'UK20 OUT' and it was there for £400. I think I can get more than £4,000 for it at auction.”

The design is the only Brexit related slogan to hit UK roads this year with combinations such as "EU20 BYE" up for sale at National Numbers.

A spokesperson for National Numbers said: “If you aren’t buying a new vehicle in 2020, these plates also make a great collector’s item to hold on a certificate which you can do immediately. With the added option of being able to add one to your new car once we leave the EU, the 20 plate series offers up lots of possibilities for those on both sides.”

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