Auto Toyota Lexus
Almost 700,000 vehicles from Toyota and Lexus are to be recalled due to faulty fuel-pumps which could lead to the loss of control of vehicle and lead to accidents... Image Credit: Stefan Lindeque

Toyota is recalling almost 700,000 vehicles due to faulty fuel-pumps which could lead to an engine failure and increase the risk of an accident.

The 696,000 models said to be afflicted with defective fuel-pumps that could stall the engine and cause a crash range from saloons, crossovers and SUVS.

From Lexus, the likes of the LS 500, LC 500, RC 350, GS 350, IS 300, ES 350, LX 570, and RX 350 are said to be at risk while being driven while the Camry, Land Cruiser, Avalon, Corolla Sequoia, Highlander, 4Runner, Sienna, Tacoma, and Tundra from Toyota are also in danger of stalling.

Auto Toyota Lexus
Among the cars said to be afflicted include the likes of the Land Cruiser, Camry and the Avalon (pictured). Image Credit: Stefan Lindeque

If the fuel pump was to stop working, then the engine would be starved of fuel and very soon it would stall. This wouldn’t just stop you from driving but it would make operating the power steering and power breaks very difficult. If this was to happen while driving on the highway at high speeds, the risk of a serious accident would be very high.

Toyota is investigating this issue and says it will notify owners once it comes up with a solution by mid-March. The resolution, when determined, will come free of charge to affected customers.

In a statement, the Japanese carmaker said, “If this (fuel pump stops operating) were to occur, warning lights and messages may be displayed on the instrument panel, and the engine may run rough. This can result in a vehicle stall, and the vehicle may be unable to be restarted. If a vehicle stall occurs while driving at higher speeds, this could increase the risk of a crash.”

The issue is affecting only Toyota and Lexus vehicles in the US market.

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