Auto James and his classic Bentleys
James Goldie and his classic 1997 Bentley Azure and 1997 Bentley Brooklands Image Credit: Stefan Lindeque


Name: James Goldie
Job: Investment banker
From: Scotland
Wheels: 1997 Bentley Azure, 1997 Bentley Brooklands
In the UAE: 31 years

Welcome to My Wheels, James. You’ve owned over 30 cars over the past 39 years. What started it all?

I started wanting cars at 10 and my first was a 1965 MG Midget — even though I had dreamt of the Aston Martin in a 1969 Bond movie that I’d seen as a child. The MG cost £175 (Dh860) and worked only pointing downhill as the starter motor was kaput.

I finally bought an Aston Martin DBS V8 in 2001 and set about making it one of the best in the world. It didn’t like the heat and the dust here, and so I shipped it to my home in the Hamptons where I drove it sparingly before reluctantly selling it 12 years later. It was the best car I ever had.

I’ve also owned countless Jaguars, fire-snorting TVRs, a nightmare Lamborghini V12 Espada, which blew up, as well as older Bentleys.

Wait, what? It blew up?

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