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Woman fighting cancer, debt and family breakdown

49-year-old temporarily released from prison is desperate for help

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Faten Rashad Ahmad Mahmoud in tears as she narrates herstory. Faten, who was jailed for three years, was running a realestate business, hiring and subletting villas.
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Abu Dhabi A terminally ill woman temporarily released from jail to try to settle her debts says she desperately needs help to fight cancer, debt and family breakdown.

Faten Rashad Ahmad Mahmoud, a 49-year-old Egyptian businesswoman, was thrown behind bars after she failed to make scheduled payments and three cheques worth Dh750,000 were dishonoured.

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-Faten Mahmoud| 
Egyptian woman
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Faten says she was cheated by her husband, a business partner and son-in-law, all from her home country.

“My husband withdrew Dh150,000 from my account by a forged power of attorney and collaborated with my business partner and son-in-law to throw me behind bars. They also collected money for payment of the cheques but instead they kept the money for themselves,” Faten said.

Faten, who was jailed for three years, was running a real state business, hiring and subletting villas. Three days after she landed in jail, Faten suffered heavy vaginal bleeding.

She was admitted to a hospital which referred her to Al Mafraq Hospital in Al Ain, which in turn diagnosed her with cervical cancer.

According to the medical report, Faten is suffering from stage three cervical cancer, which has grown through the uterus to reach nearby tissues, including 75 per cent of the vagina, the pelvic area and the stomach.

The report put Faten’s survival rate at 40 per cent.

After two years in jail, Faten was released temporarily to try to pay back her debts.

Almost halfway through at her six-month release term, Faten says, “I was released to lead a better life and find a solution to my problems. But after three months out of the prison, these problems are getting more and more complicated.”

Faten adds she had to sleep on the floor for most of thisperiod until she met a generous couple who hosted her, let her sleep in their bed while they slept on the floor of their single bedroom flat.

Faten said she was grateful to the government of the UAE and the host family and all those who have extended a helping hand. “A big thank you to the UAE for I have been treated very well in the prison where I received food, shelter and medicine. I am also grateful to my current host family and all those who extended a helping hand to me in my ordeal.”

She appeals to authorities to send her back to prison, to die in peace if no one comes to her help.