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Use Dubai Municipality's waste collection service

Dumping old household items in the open not only harms the environment but is dangerous for children who might play with hazardous material

Discarded furniture in the Muhaisnah 4 area
Image Credit: Aslam Doi/Gulf News Reader
Discarded furniture in the Muhaisnah 4 area of Dubai is not only an eyesore, but is dangerous to children playing in the area.
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When the local civic authorities spend a large amount of money to provide excellent services for the welfare of residents in Dubai, the negligence and misuse of facilities from the part of residents is deplorable.

Despite the fact that Dubai Municipality has set up a special bulk and domestic waste collection service such as discarded furniture and household items, residents still ignore the services and show no civic sense.

Instead of calling the Municipality to avail of disposal services, residents generally dump such items in the open, causing a health hazard and danger to the residents. The picture I took reflects the act of negligence at a residential block in the Muhaisnah 4 area of Dubai.

This is not only a danger to the environment but could also be dangerous for children who might be tempted to play with such items.

The reader is manager of a waste management division, based in Dubai

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