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Unsheltered bus stop with no guide for bus routes

Reader asks the authorities to solve the matter soon

Image Credit: Abdul Rasheed
Abdul RasheedNeed for shelterA bus stop with neither a shelter nor mention of bus routes in the National Paints area of Sharjah.
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I’ve been noticing bus stops that lie unfixed around the National paints area in Sharjah for quite a long time now.

The situation of a bus stop in Sharjah is as bad as shown in the photograph, where bus shelters are not fixed properly. They are unsheltered and without any route or bus number mentioned. This situation creates more hassle for labourers living in nearby camps, as they cannot afford a taxi and look for buses.
Proper bus stops are hard to find in Sharjah. I urge the authorities to find a long term solution and solve this matter as soon as possible.


The reader is based in Sharjah.


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