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These cats are in urgent need of a home

Will you give one of these poor creatures a second chance at life?

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Four cats are in desperate need of a home as the clinics they currently reside in are running out of room.


Pookie is not an abandoned pet, nor is he an unwanted cat. He had fantastic guardians and a mum that gave him plenty of love, but all this changed last September when her husband developed an allergy. His owners are devastated to have to find their beloved pet a new home, but as health is on the line, a new home must be found. Pookie is a happy and playful cat. He loves playing hide and seek and enjoys chasing aluminum balls. Sometimes he doesn’t like to be touched and wants to be left alone, and his ideal home would be a family with no infants. He has been vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

Kong Kong

Kong Kong was found rooming around the Jumeirah Village Triangle around two years ago by a nice woman who fed him on a regular basis. However, one day the only food source he knew moved away and the poor fellow cried and cried outside her door until he lost his voice. Another kind woman began feeding him, but fights broke out between him and her other cats. Kong Kong was then taken to the clinic to be put to sleep, but during an exam, the veterinarian discovered a microchip and refused to put him to sleep. He has remained at the clinic’s cattery since December 15, 2012. He is a very affectionate, cuddly, playful cat, but must go to a loving family who has no other cats as he does not get along with them at all. Having originally been a house cat, suddenly finding himself living on the street has had a long-term devastating effect.


Kara was found living on the streets of Karama, Dubai, with a missing eye. Her rescuer took her to a veterinarian for urgent treatment and her eye area was treated and stitched. Though she is missing an eye and lived on the streets, she remains a playful kitten, filled with love and looking to experience life to the fullest.

Red-collared cat

This cat was found in the Springs area over the Christmas holiday, wearing a red collar. As it was during the holiday break, we all thought she was another abandoned cat, and sure enough, while at a veterinary clinic for a check up, a foreign microchip number was found. She has been living at the vet’s cattery since before Christmas, and since her cost of living there is about Dh40 per day, funds are quickly running out. We are desperately trying to find her owner. Do you know this cat and her owner? Or would you be willing to foster or adopt her if her owner is not found?

If you would like to give any of these poor, sweet, desperate creatures a second chance at a good life, or would like to help in any other way, please email Friends of Animals on

The reader is the founder of Friends of Animals.

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