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Sun exposure and water bottles do not mix

Consumers risk contaminating water by storing bottles under the sun

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The sight of mineral water stacked outside under the blazing sun is quite common in Dubai these days.

The water is stored in containers made of plastic, which could be harmful to consumers after being stored in the sun.

I saw the bottles left outdoors for more than three hours, when even short exposure to the sun is said to be bad due to contamination at high temperatures, when the bottle’s chemicals may leach into the water.

After being exposed, these bottles would then be taken to various households and the water consumed by unsuspecting consumers.

Has anybody ever thought about it, when it happens all the time?

The authorities need to inspect such areas and ensure that the water being sold has been stored properly away from sunlight. Action must also be taken against those who do not store bottles of water correctly.

People should also invest in a tarp to cover their water bottles or find a shaded place to store them and keep them out of the heat.

The reader is based in Sharjah

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