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Short cut to Abu Dhabi mall risks safety to save a minute

Drivers block traffic and drive towards on coming traffic to enter parking lot

  • A risky practice: Vehicles cross the intersection in the wrong direction in order to enter the mall’s parking Image Credit: Ramesh Menon/Gulf News Reader
  • Cars drop passengers off at the mall by stopping on the side of the road, which blocks traffic and causes trafImage Credit: Ramesh Menon/Gulf News Reader
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While walking across the pedestrian over bridge, there is a scene I often see while walking towards a major mall in Abu Dhabi. Vehicles coming from the road opposite to the mall, which is located on a T-junction, take a short cut to either enter the mall’s temporary parking lot or abruptly stop on the side of the road. To enter the parking lot, vehicles turn across the intersection towards oncoming traffic, which is stopped at the red light. The cars that abruptly stop at the side also cause a traffic jam. Both of these actions are intended to drop off or pick up passengers.

With Abu Dhabi buses, heavy vehicles and any other speeding vehicles coming on the right lane at any given time, these driving risks that save a minute or two, raise serious traffic safety concerns to those who witness it regularly. I request the authorities to take necessary measures to regulate this traffic violation.

In addition, I request the mall authorities and offices located there to request mall visitors and staff not to take this short cut to danger.

This reader is based in Abu Dhabi

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