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Save these trees

Reader urges authorities to preserve trees, not chop them

Image Credit: Jay Armendarez, Gulf News Reader
A tree at the Abu Dhabi corniche with its branches cut off.
Gulf News

I decided to write about a disturbing view that caught my attention while I was visiting Abu Dhabi Corniche. I love the emerging development of the emirate particularly when it comes to the greenery.

We are aware that most people love to spend time at the parks and beaches, especially during the summer months. We need shelter from the summer sun and humidity in this region. I would like to ask why?

Why do they still need to cut down the trees around the beach, which would give us shade, beauty and a place to rest? Although this tree does not bear fruits, the advantage here is for everyone who need a shield from the blazing sun.

Maybe awareness should be raised when it comes to the importance of trees and how we will try to save and preserve them. I hope that I am not the only person who will raise the importance of trees. Let us save trees and preserve them.


— This reader is based in Abu Dhabi